Re: Creating a Message Filter in Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Rich,

OK, assuming you are doing everything up to this point correctly:

When you get to the item that says: 'choose folder' treat it like a combo box. Use the keystroke alt + down arrow to open it and then use tree view type keystrokes (right arrow to open a collapsed item left arrow to close) to navigate. then use up and down arrows to continue navigation. If you see a folder that says collapsed then use right arrow to open it';s structure and down arrow to a sub folder. Once you have found and highlighted the desired folder, press enter or space bar to be sure it is selected. Then tab to the rest of the dialogue and make selections.

On 6/12/2016 7:07 PM, Rich De Steno wrote:
In attempting to create a message filter in Thunderbird, I press Enter on Message Filters in the Tools menu. I press Enter on New Filter. Everything is fine until I get to the point where I must designate a folder to which I want the particular Emails moved. I hear a list of my Email accounts, but I see no way of designating a folder within that account. For example, I hear in the combo box,, but I can not get to the Save folder within that account to which I want the Emails moved. How do I access the folders within an account?

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