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Babcock LDPVI


The Facebook page has keyboard shortcuts built in so that screen reader users can access it. All you need to do is press the NVDA key and the spacebar to make sure that NVDA is in the correct mode- I think that you need focus mode. As you press the NVDA key and the spacebar, it will play a sound as it toggles between browse mode and focus mode. The sound effect that you want to listen out for is of a key on a keyboard being pressed.

Once you are in the focus mode, you can access these built in keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts vary slightly depending on which operating system that you are using (Windows or Mac) and which browser you are using- Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

I tend to use Firefox on my Windows 10 PC and so I need to press the Shift and the Alt keys together but if you are using Chrome, you just use the Alt key.

Each of the main sections on Facebook can be accessed by pressing a number. For instance pressing 1 will take you to your newsfeed and pressing 4 will take you to your inbox.

These numbers need to be pressed with either the shift and alt key or just the alt key depending on your operating system and your browser.

Below I have listed the shortcuts needed to access the main sections within Facebook.

Shift + Alt + 0 takes you to the Help page.

Shift + Alt +1 takes you to your Home page.

Shift + Alt + 2 takes you to your Timeline page.

Shift + Alt + 3 takes you to your Friends page.

Shift + Alt + 4 takes you to your Inbox

Shift + Alt + 5 takes you to your Notifications

Shift + Alt + 6 takes you to your Settings

Shift + Alt + 7 takes you to your Activity Log

Shift + Alt + 8 takes you to the About page

Shift + Alt + 9 takes you to the Terms page.

Additionally, your newsfeed or timeline can also be accessed with different shortcut keys. These just require single letters to be pressed and are the same regardless of which operating system and browser you use. I have listed them below.

Pressing the forward slash (/) will enable you to search.

Pressing the q key will enable you to search your chat contacts.

Pressing the o key will enable you to open any attachments that are in the story.

Pressing the s key will enable you to share the story.

Pressing the l key will enable you to like a story. Pressing l again allows you to “unlike” it.

Pressing the c key will enable you to comment on a story.

Pressing the enter key on a selected story will expand it.

Pressing the k key takes you forward through each story one by one.

Pressing the j key takes you backwards through each story one by one.

Pressing the p key will enable you to create a new post or story. 

I hope these instructions are helpful.

These instructions are also contained within some videos that I have created. You can access the videos (each has a full text transcript.)

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Access the Main Sections of Facebook

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Access Your Newsfeed

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