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Lars Bjørndal <lars@...>


I've now talked to the liblouis team about the change I suggest. You'll find my post here:

Please tell me if I have to do anything more to get the new braille table implemented.

Thanks in advance

On Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 09:54:37AM +0100, Lars Bjørndal wrote:
Hi, Joseph!

Thank you for your quick reply!

You wrote:

Does the proposed table have issues of its own? If there are more issues with the proposed braille table than the one NVDA uses now, I'm afraid we may need to use the current table.
The table that we want to use, includes the table currently in use, and the «new» table has extra definitions. I've tested the table, and I don't see any issue.

The hex value indicates unassigned character/braille dot patterns.
Yes, that's right. And there is lot of undefined chars in the currently used table.

I advise alerting Liblouis people about this.
I'm actively contributing to liblouis. I'm very certain that nobody will disagree to this change.

Thanks in advance - Lars

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Hello, list!

For a long time there has been trouble with the Norwegian 8 dot computer braill table used by nvda:

- Bullets and othe characters are represented by the typical \xxxxx

In liblouis there is a corresponding table which is an extended version of the table that are used currently.

Could you please use the table no-no-8dot.utb instead of no-no-comp8.ctb?

I think the change is as simple as replacing the line:

addTable("no-no-comp8.ctb", _("Norwegian 8 dot computer braille"))


addTable("no-no-8dot.utb", _("Norwegian 8 dot computer braille"))

in the file in the source directory.

Thanks in advance - Lars

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