Re: TW BLUE was Re: [nvda] twitter?


Hi Marcio and Roger

Great advice, cheers!


On 17/01/2019 20:44, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

Em 17/01/2019 18:27, AKH AKH escreveu:

Can I send anyone a DM or do they have to follow me?

On the current scenario of Twitter, both answers are correct.
That is, you can send DMs to users who aren't following you as well as maybe needing they following to do it. Actually, it's a setting which one can change and allow or not this to happen.
I don't know, about TWBlue's profile on Twitter, which configuration they currently have. But if you can't send a DM to them, just send them a normal mention. That is, a public tweet with their user before what you are wanting to write.


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