Re: general announcement on windows 10 update and hp computers.

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Yes well, I had a similar thing a while back on a laserprinter driver on windows 7 again an HP piece of hardware.
I just stopped it from installing as everything worked fine.
I have never seen it again.

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I am not sure if this is multi os or not but maybe its only win10.

I got an update for hp hid devices today that I thought I allready installed.

The update will not install, and further more simply tries to install again and again.

I origionally thought that it was a bios issue and since there was an update for my new workstation I loaded it.

Its happening on my aunt's workstation.

Now looking at the software distribution folder its an update to the wireless button keyboard driver which isn't really important that it install.

Now since its happened on 2 hp units its probably a ms detection issue or a windows hardware bug the sysdev page doesn't show so who knows when I search for it so maybe its an issue that will be solved.

For now

This link has a troubleshooter that will hide or show updates and is a 45kb file, such a pitty this is not part of windows update anymore.

Anyway if You get drivers like this that just don't want to load you can hide them so they don't try to install.

And they can stay hidden to till you need to reinstall windows again.

Then you hide them again.

I'd usually complain to ms on this issue but its just not that important a driver.

Hp has the latest drivers which I have installed and all needs to be done is to have the effected thing hide so it doesn't install loop every update check.

I wouldn't take this approach with every update but for this one it works, also if an update breaks you can hide it if you want.

I wouldn't hide updates that are critical but this will solve it for us.

Now that update may appear again hopefully when ms fixes it later which they probably will do in the coming days.

I got this update earlier in the month and it came from last year at the end of it so who knows why its being stupid now.

I am sure its a detection issue, probably server side, and will be fixed sooner or later, there will not be any documented issue as with all driver updates unless its really so bad it needs it but there we go.

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