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There are discussions of screen navigation and object navigation.  Others will assumedly tell you where to find them.  How good they are is something you will have to decide.  But at a minimum, you need to know how to switch from screen to object navigation and back because if screen navigation is on, it affects what you see at times when you are using standard arrow commands.  I have repeatedly said that NVDA should automatically switch to object navigation if someone uses screen navigation in one window and then moves to another where he/she is unlikely to want to continue to use it.  I have strong feelings about this because most people won't know the results of remaining in screen navigation and they will have problems for no reason they can discern.  For example, NVDA doesn't read the headers line properly in Windows Live Mail if you are in screen mode.  It may not read the line you are on when moving in a list of files and folders or on the desktop.  I consider this to be very bad design and a  very bad decision concerning the functioning of NVDA.  You don't build something that causes problems when left on that most people don't know will cause problems and have it automatically stay on. 

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Is there a good discussion between the difference of screen navigation and object navigation? Is this what nvda-V toggles? There are some parts of NVDA that I just try different options until one works and I have not learned a consistent efficient way to use. That being said, NVDA now and for the foreseeable  future for me will be the least used of the screen readers I use on a daily basis.






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