NVDACon 2019 - designed by the community

Adriani Botez

Dear all,


2019 has started and the time for organizing the NVDACon has come. We had an unforgetable NVDACon last year with an average of more than 50 attendees. But we do not want to stop here. We want the community to grow and to develop further, contributing together to such a big and meaningful project like NVDA. So I call with this message anyone who has time and wigh to be a part of this big event. If you want to be part of the organizing team and help us make NVDACon a legendary conference every year, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for new people intersted to participate in the organization of NVDACon 2019 and beyond. You can either answer to this treat or contact us privately. We will reply as fast as possible.


Thank you for being part of this task force and hopefully we see each other at the organizing sessions.


And please please promote NVDACon in your communities. This is a huge chance for everyone to express his or her suggestions / pains and problems and to start cooperations. Do not miss this oportunity.



Best regards


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