Re: How do I get to a notification balloon that momentarily pops-up?


I have the same issue. Even when I go to the notifications center with Winkey+A, I only can see them, but can't interact with none of them.
A workaround to deal with it would be good :)

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Em 18/01/2019 16:57, Clarissa Mitchell escreveu:

Now there's a trick I never learned. I knew about Windows+A to get to
the action center, but I never could click on one of the

On 1/18/19, Richard Wells <richwels@...> wrote:
Mohamed: WINDOWS-KEY+SHIFT+V should do this for you.

On 1/18/2019 1:00 AM, MohammadAfzal wrote:
Hi Friends,

Sometimes, a notification balloon pops-up telling me about something
on my PC.  For a sighted person, they would click on the balloon and
would then be taken to the relevant thing.  In NVDA. how can I get to
the balloon notification to review it and activate (click on) it?

I am using Windows 10--

With Regards.

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