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Virtual recorder is one. Another is the rather interestingly named Cok Free MP3 Recorder. It can record the microphone and system sound together.

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On 1/18/2019 12:51 AM, zahra wrote:
hello every one.
i sent a comment previously which i mentioned i need one free and
accessible audio recorder which can records my voice and specially my
nvda voice, even if my system does not support stereo mix.
brian recommended me to use virtual recorder.
today, i wrote virtual recorder in google search and the only useful
link which i found is:

but i did not find the main website for this program, i mean the
website of producer and programmers of visual recorder to download it
i dont know how to use, so, i coppied the related link for
you to get help.
thanks again for all of your kindness and support, God bless you!

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