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                Coke Free MP3 recorder? MMMM now I want a coke LOL! But in all seriousness Aaron how accessible is this? Get back to me privately at:


BTW, I’m using WIN 10. Is it accessible with that?


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Virtual recorder is one. Another is the rather interestingly named Cok
Free MP3 Recorder. It can record the microphone and system sound together.

Direct link:

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On 1/18/2019 12:51 AM, zahra wrote:
> hello every one.
> i sent a comment previously which i mentioned i need one free and
> accessible audio recorder which can records my voice and specially my
> nvda voice, even if my system does not support stereo mix.
> brian recommended me to use virtual recorder.
> today, i wrote virtual recorder in google search and the only useful
> link which i found is:
> but i did not find the main website for this program, i mean the
> website of producer and programmers of visual recorder to download it
> directly.
> i dont know how to use, so, i coppied the related link for
> you to get help.
> thanks again for all of your kindness and support, God bless you!

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