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hi gene.
i did not know remaining on screen review may causes problems.
i am always on screen review and dont have any problem on it.
nvda reads all items of desktop for me!
or i press my desired item first letter and go to it directly.
can you please explane more?
thanks for any help, God bless you!

On 1/18/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I should also ask whether you are using the laptop or desktop layout. The
commands to change these modes are different. NVDA v has nothing to do with
this. it is a browse mode option.

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Is there a good discussion between the difference of screen navigation and
object navigation? Is this what nvda-V toggles? There are vvsome parts of
NVDA that I just try different options until one works and I have not
learned a consistent efficient way to use. That being said, NVDA now and for
the foreseeable future for me will be the least used of the screen readers
I use on a daily basis.



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