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Lino Morales <linomorales001@...>

What is add-on supposed to do anyway? Thanks.


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Have you installed the NVDA GlobalPlugin Extension " add-on in your NVDA?
If yes, you can turn of  window maximization feature by uncheck
"Automatically maximize" windows"  option of this module.
Best regards.

Le 19/01/2019 05:01, Sylvain Machefert a écrit :

HHii, I know the alt+space menu, and also the double click on the title of the window to restore its size and positionn,
but the maximization occurs when I launch an app (e.g. notepad) and also when I switch from a window to another usint alt+tab.

Le 19 janv. 2019 04:42, "zahra" <nasrinkhaksar3@...> a écrit :
just press alt space and go down and set your desired settings.
god bless you all!

On 1/18/19, Sylvain Machefert <iubito@...> wrote:
> I don't remember having installed addons, I'll check that in a few days.
> Sylvain
> Le 18 janv. 2019 19:44, "Chris via Groups.Io" <chrismedley=
>> a écrit :
> I guess you installed the nvda global addon recently
> *From: *Sylvain Machefert <iubito@...>
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> *Subject: *[nvda] All windows are full screen

> Hi NVDA group,
> I can't find the setting to disable this behaviour.
> After opening any window (notepad, task manager, 7-zip...), a few seconds
> after the windiws is fullscreened (maximized).
> If I close NVDA this behaviour disappear, so it seems it comes from it.
> As you can imagine, it annoyes me and I'd like to disable this.
> How to disable full screen ?
> Many thanks in advance
> --
> Sylvain Machefert

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