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I had one exactly like that on a medical registration site for my doctor. I reported it back and I'm still waiting. You need to tell us the site otherwise we can only guess. In my case it was quite obvious to me that some non standard method wos in use.
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Using Firefox, I'm on a website with a form. In the part where I'm
supposed to fill in my birth date, there's something like an edit box,
that appears to have a selection list accompanying it. When NVDA
encounters the edit box, it just says "read only" which presumably
means I can't type into it. But further down, or when I press tab,
NVDA says "list" so I should be able to select from a list. But that's
all it says: "list" and nothing more. There's no speaking of items in
the list from which I could select. All three fields for month, day
and year are like this. How do I accomplish this?

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