Re: NVDA not giving accurate feedback

Felix G.

I have yet to encounter a single case where screen review interferes
destructively with the arrow keys. If anyone can explain it in simple
terms I'd be grateful.
The Basic Training For NVDA ebook, available from NVAccess, explains
object navigation in a way most users should be able to follow.
Generally speaking, this book is a very good investment for anyone
using NVDA as their primary screen reader.

Am Sa., 19. Jan. 2019 um 09:27 Uhr schrieb zahra <>:

yes, i am sure that i always use screen review, using object
navigation is not easy for me and i could not understand it until now.

On 1/18/19, marcio via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Are you sure you're on screen review mode?
If I have this enabled I simply can't read the screen properly. It just
keeps jumping around the screen and happily landing on where it thinks
it's nice to.

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Em 19/01/2019 01:46, zahra escreveu:
hi gene.
i did not know remaining on screen review may causes problems.
i am always on screen review and dont have any problem on it.
nvda reads all items of desktop for me!
or i press my desired item first letter and go to it directly.
can you please explane more?
thanks for any help, God bless you!

On 1/18/19, Gene <> wrote:
I should also ask whether you are using the laptop or desktop layout.
commands to change these modes are different. NVDA v has nothing to do
this. it is a browse mode option.

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Is there a good discussion between the difference of screen navigation
object navigation? Is this what nvda-V toggles? There are vvsome parts
NVDA that I just try different options until one works and I have not
learned a consistent efficient way to use. That being said, NVDA now and
the foreseeable future for me will be the least used of the screen
I use on a daily basis.



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