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I you really get stuck, you can type in the slide number when you are in slide view and hit enter to go directly to that slide.  Sometimes I have used this when I slides refuse to advance.


On 1/20/2019 8:27 AM, Adriani Botez wrote:

I am testing just now in Powerpoint, I cannot reproduce your problem unfortunately. In my case space bar or page down / page up works as expected. Could you try to create a new powerpoint presentation with let’s say 5 blank slides?

If you start the blank presentation, can you move between the slides?

In some presentation the creator implements different animations which are displayed when pressing space bar or page down / page up. But NVDA does not report this. That’s why in some cases you must press space bar or so multiple times until the slide changes.



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Hi friends.

I opened a presentation in PowerPoint 2016 and pressed f5 to start the presentation.

I can read the first slide’s text with nvda and, if I press ctrl+shift+s I can read the nodes.

But how can I go to the next slide?

I tried to press pagedown, enter, spacebar and even press nvda key + f2 and pagedown. But it didn’t change slides.

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