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i realized that geek uninsttaller has capability of removing stubborn
program, but not sure that does this remove norton or not!
its free and portable and you can test it yourself.
hope that helps, God bless!

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Does taking the machine back to before digital editions remove it? If no
then its one of those horrible pest type programs like Avast which I wish
I'd never heard of.

I've said it before, but any bit of software that when uninstalled does not

leave the machine in exactly the same condition as before is to be avoided
in my view. Its odd that it seems that the problem is nearly always due to a

security product.
I guess if it were easy to remove by third party software then it would be

easy to disable it by some kind of malware.
Often uninstalling these tools in safe mode works a whole lot better as
then the running services do not tend to reinstall their components on the

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I installed adobe digital editions to read epub books. It asked me if I
wanted to also install norton security scan. I clicked disagree, no, no
thanks, etcetera with jaws/NVDA mouse cursor. But it installed it anyway
along with some norton product thing which seems to have gone away. It also

installed a chrome extension that i removed. I tried using the norton
removal tool with OCR but this stubborn norton security scan just will not
go away! So how do I remove it? Should I just reset windows10 wipe out
everything and reinstall and re-set everything back up on my RCA cambio
tablet laptop? I tried uninstalling from both control panel and the windows

10 settings app but no luck. this stubborn norton security scan still seems

to stick around. Would malware bytes remove it perhaps? or is there an
accessible revo uninstaller or force program remover tool that will
uninstall it? the norton removal utility tool did not help at all.



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