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Daniel Damacena

Try to press nvda + 6 and tell as what happens. It makes the pc cursor move the exploration cursor too. So that both focus on the same element.


Daniel Damacena Bezerra


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Speaking of keyboard commands:

I'm having trouble getting the current character phonetically.  Using the laptop keyboard layout, NVDA plus period says the character and a second time says it phonetically.  But usually, it reads a character that is not where the insertion point is.  Also would like to be able to read, spell, and spell phonetically, the current word.  Can't seem to make it happen.


On 1/21/2019 6:14 AM, Daniel Damacena wrote:

In the past I was able to use laptop layout when it was necessary. Today, my notebook has the keys needed to use desktop layout, so I use it, but I do not think that the laptop layout is confused or something like that.


Anyway, I prefer to use a usb keyboard because it is a lot more comfortable.

Daniel Damacena Bezerra


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I don't use the laptop layout in NVDA.  I wouldn't even if I had a laptop without a numpad.  I much prefer the desktop layout.  I haven't looked at the laptop commands much but they don't seem consistent to me in terms of following patterns nearly as much as the desktop layout does.  If you are looking at commands using something like the commands reference and you are using the laptop commands, those are the ones to use.  If you want to get a USB numpad and use the desktop layout, I don't know if you would like the structure more but I prefer it a great deal more.



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Hello list,

So I am mainly a Jaws user, but have been trying to make the effort to use NVDA more or at least become more proficient with it. The one issue I continue to have with NVDA and just can’t get used to is the keyboard navigation. I know it in part has to do with simple muscle memory with Jaws commands, but outside of the NVDA key (caps lock) plus L command to read the current line, I just cannot get used to not being able to jump around via paragraph or line or word, etc., like in Jaws laptop keyboard layout. Am I just missing something and am not aware of other keyboard navigational keystroke commands in NVDA or is there perhaps an add-on I can install?

Yes, I know there are all the numpad commands, but with Jaws at least, being able to keep one’s hands on the keyboard instead of having to switch back and forth adds up and makes a difference and comfort. And to be clear, I’m not looking for a Jaws clone and am aware that they’re two different products. I’m completely open to this different approach, but this navigational thing is for me anyway proving to be the one major stumbling bock to try to use it more.

I would appreciate any enlightenment.




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