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Sarah k Alawami

Yeah I also can't stand the new google docs or drive. Im on a mac and I just can't access anything. Right now google sheets is a pile of poop. I have not tried it on the pc, but I would not be surprised as I too am having the same issues on the mac side of things.

Take care

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I could not get on with the new version of docs and drive either.
Indeed since I don't need it I gave up.
Somebody here may well be a whizz kiid on this, but on Windows 7 I got nowhere with the shark or nvda, other than locking up the pc at regular intervals.
This is why I have reservations about these kind of cloud based systems to edit documents. In theory its great... but Google seem unable to leave stuff alone for more than a month or so.

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Dear all,

I will now be required, for certain essential activities, be required
to extensively use Google Docs and in extension Google Drive for the
next several months to collaborate on documents. Given this, it is
imperative that I get well acquainted to Drive and Docs. However, that
is precisely what I am struggling with.

* I began reading AFB's NVDA specific tutorials on Google Drive and
Docs, but my experience with Drive is not exactly corresponding to
what has been instructed.
* This includes things like NVDA being very latent in the tree view
item on Google Drive, at random instances simply getting stuck in a
control which has nothing in it until I Tab out of it, all of which is
preventing me from even managing to go inside a folder and view its
files, let alone open a document and edit it.
* Due to these issues, I am currently relying on direct URLs to files
and documents to access them and subsequently work on and contribute
to them. Another alternative approach I have tried to adopt is to add
this particular shared folder to my own Drive, such that I can access
it on Windows Explorer on my PC itself. In this scenario, there are a
number of important files that are missing from the folder on my
computer which I have had confirmed with my collaborators. Backup and
Sync from Google on my computer contradictorily claims that everything
has been updated.

I am unclear on how to resolve NVDA's laggy behaviour on Google Drive
on the web or instead be able to get all the files in the shared
folder as they are newly created and updated on my computer. I would
greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions on a more elegant means of
using Google Drive and Docs. Things I intend to try for now are
confined to switching from Firefox to Chrome in hopes that an
alternate web browser may provide better support for NVDA with
Google's web apps.


P.S. I did press Ctrl+Alt+Z to enable screen reader support in Docs,
and switched views in Drive from grid to list.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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