Fast browse mode - request to test

Tony Malykh

Hello all,
I would like to ask volunteers of NVDA community to test fast browse mode in NVDA. Here is a link to alpha version with fast browse mode enabled:

A little  background. NVDA has systematic problems with browse mode, such as:
* Rubber band effect - sometimes right after keystroke focus jumps back to the previous position in the document.
* Edit boxes and other form controls inside web pages sporadically entering forms mode, especially if pressing keystrokes quickly one after another.
* General sluggishness.
Fast browse mode aims to resolve all three of these issues. You can toggle between fast and traditional browse mode by pressing NVDA+8 (not numpad 8, but number row 8). Fast browse mode is enabled by default in this build. Traditional mode is the same as what you get in all official NVDA builds.

Three  questions I have for the testers:
1. Do you feel that fast browse mode is indeed faster than traditional browse mode? If so, in which websites/scenarios you see the most significant improvement?
2. If you have experienced any of the three browse mode problems mentioned above, can you still reproduce them with fast browse mode?
3. Are there any bugs with fast browse mode? If so, please provide as much information about these bugs as possible, such as: Steps to reproduce, Actual behavior, Expected behavior, System configuration, Windows version, Browser version, Website name, errors in NVDA output log if any.

Please send your feedback as a reply to this thread. Don't forget to restart your computer if you are installing this version before reporting bugs. Also, this is effectively an alpha version, which means that it will likely play a two-tone error sound whenever there's an exception - it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem with fast browse mode.

For more information, here is NVDA bug (one of dozens, but this seems to be the main one):
Pull request:

Best regards

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