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But that doesn't do the same thing.  it reads to the end but it doesn't move the application cursor as it moves, something important for editing.  I find that feature useful in cases where there is no application or virtual cursor, for example sometimes, I am partway in a dialog having skipped some of it while using the screen review commands but I want to read the rest of it from where I am.  But when working with programs that have a cursor or virtual cursor, I think it is better to use the read to end command.

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Pressing the + on the numpad will also read to the end of the document.
At 07:26 AM 1/22/2019, you wrote:
>This message contains a number of suggestions.
>The screen saver should be off because it will stop read to end
>after a time of reading.  There is no keyboard activity so it comes
>on.  But it doesn't come on right away and read to end will work for
>perhaps thirty seconds or a minute, however long the screen saver
>waits to come on.  This problem is that read to end stops after the
>current line.
>If the desktop layout is being used, it should be asked, are you
>using NVDA down arrow or NVDA 2 on the numpad.  In JAWS, using NVDA
>2 on the numpad starts read to end as well as using down arrow on
>the main keyboard.  In NVDA, you must use down arrow on the main
>keyboard, but you can use einumpad insert or any other NVDA key,
>including the insert on the main keyboard as well.  What key are you
>using as the NVDA key?  I seem to recall hearing of an odd
>circumstance where one NVDA key, such as insert, worked, but caps
>lock didn't, on one computer.  You may want to try another NVDA
>key.  and if those3 things don't work, try running NVDA with add-ons
>disabled and see if it works.
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>if you use desktop layout and SayAll still does not work for you, just
>find screen saver on control panel or by search find it and set it to
>i am sure that you can use SayAll in all commen and accessible
>programs like web browsers, notepad, wordpad, notepad plus plus and
>microsoft word.
>but unfortunately SayAll is not supported in openoffice or libreoffice
>if you use them.
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> > From the NVDA keyboard shortcuts document
> >
> > Say all
> > Desktop Layout   NVDA+Down Arrow
> > Laptop Layout     NVDA+a
> > Description:  Starts reading from the current position of the system caret,
> > moving it along as it goes
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