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The ADA says things should be accessible.  I don't know if inconvenience ever rises to a level of a violation of accessibility laws, but it often doesn't.  I would suggest, when problems of formatting or such as you are describing now are found, that you ask if people know of ways to reduce or eliminate the problem instead of first resorting to a legal remedy which you will likely not get support for by institutions or those who bring accessibility actions and which may take a long time to be ejudicated in the court system. 
In this case, while I don't know what browser you are using , try another browser.  Also, if you do or don't want to try another browser first, Some browsers have a reading view.  If they don't, you can use an add-on.  This removes a lot of extraneous material from web pages and it may remove these long links. 
also, there is an NVDA add-on I saw discussed about a month ago that may deal with a problem like yours but I don't recall the name and it may do other things you don't like.

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Hi All,

Today some pages are so riddled with long links that are ads, some of which are several lines long, making reading with a screen reader very annoying and difficult.  Example of pages are,… they are becoming very common which, in my view, is a violation of the ADA that we may need to look into and report.

Is there any way to skip the ads?  Is there a freeware ads blocker that works well with NVDA?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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