Re: Before I fill out the survey

Tony Malykh

Hi Suzy,
I just mentioned TextNav in another thread, but it might also help
with your problems.
You can try my TextNav addon for NVDA - It will skip most of the ads
automatically for you. As a bonus, you can also skip over menu items
and other junk on the web pages with it.
Promo audio and usage explanation (7 minutes audio):


On 1/22/19, Suzy <blind_avenger@...> wrote:
Before I fill out the survey, I want to make sure I have legitimate issues.
I haven't found any documentation explaining how to deal with these
problems. That doesn't mean I didn't miss something, though.
First. Ads on websites. I waste a lot of time trying to get past ads. I've
tried the keystroke to get past the current container to no avail. So I find
myself quickly scrolling through the frames listening to "inserted
Inserted", Jibberish, and "out of frame out of frame", along with other
unwanted information.
The other is related. It is blank lines and graphics in email. I use Outlook
2016, which is part of my Office 365 subscription. Emails from Amazon, USAA,
my utility companies, and others are full of blank lines and graphics.
Sometimes, I know a key word to look for and use the find command, but many
times I have no clue what to do other than down arrow, down arrow, down
arrow. Yes, I know i can view some of these messages on the web, but I don't
always want to log in and grope a web page for the information. I just want
to read my mail.
So, are these really issues? Or have I not discovered the proper solution to
my problems?


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