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I don’t know if the Jaws Flexible Web main purpose is to work as an add blocker.

I use it to filter out/block elements like in forums (Reddit for example) and other sites/domains where things are pretty constant and just the simple structure of the site is a bit too cluttered for me.



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Way worse Bryan. I can attest to this. This is a far better solution than JAW’s Flexible Web. I mean pages regardless of being a news site or not are constantly changing so to me this type of thing they are doing is ineffective IMHO. So don’t get any bright ideas NVDA add-on devs on here. Said add-on should do it no matter what screen reader you use.


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On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 02:19 PM, Lino Morales wrote:

Brian does it weed out most of the adds on news sites etc. You’ve talked about this extention before

Simple answer:  yes.    It essentially wipes out all online ads anywhere they occur.   As new ones pop up the set of definitions gets updated very quickly and most of us never see them.  

I can't imagine browsing without an ad blocker.  They drove me mad with the visual distraction (not to mention auditory, for some) well over a decade ago and I cannot imagine that things have gotten any better, probably they've gotten worse.

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