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I was also going to say that there is also value in knowing what users are having trouble with - if it's a matter of something which has a keystroke / setting / existing way to fix it, that's great and makes it easy to help the individual, but us learning that people are getting stuck with something is useful as well.  There's no point in us thinking we've solved a problem by adding a keystroke or setting if no-one is aware it is exists :)

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I would also argue that regardless of whether there is a "way around" the issues you're encountering, there is great value in a development team for any product to know about issues that require "ways around" that irritate users to no end.

Sometimes highly skilled users of certain software, not just NVDA, lose all perspective of what the experience is like for the unsophisticated user (and that term is not an insult, personal or otherwise, we were all unsophisticated users of everything we've ever touched at one point in time).   Having that input can result in improvements that would not otherwise have been contemplated because there was no awareness of need or desire.


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