Re: Windows Defender Adequate?

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Ralph, Gene & List:


I purchased WEB Root Internet Security Everywhere from my Tech person who is a member of Nerds on Site.


Has a subscription, believe I bought the three-year one. He swears by it. Has updates sometimes hourly.


He used to receive crisis calls from clients using their PC for business who found they had a virus. After he started installing Web Root on their systems, the crisis calls have almost all stopped. He still drops by their offices every few months to do a scan using his anti-virus scanners; just to be sure, nothing has sneaked in. Says he seldom finds anything.


To make the program configurable or stoppable with speech or Braille, remove the Captcha it has to stop or configure it. I had help from one of his or her techs with this; however, anyone sighted can do it for you.

Their web site is HTTP://;  

I wonder why this is being asked on the NVDA list. There are other forums available, such as blindtech.

Brian K. Lingard


Web site is: -year one. Same firm has versions for IOS, Android, and Mac. Worth its subscription.

Firm is in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, on Mountain Standard Time, 7 hours behind GMT.

Brian K. Lingard

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows Defender Adequate?


Windows Live Mail has good ratings.  It is not the best program but I do not know how many accessible antivirus programs there are now.  I’m not anywhere near an authority enough to say if it is adequate but my impression is that it is unless someone takes recklessly dangerous risks. 


Regarding Malware Bytes Are you using the version with real-time protection or are you just scanning your computer with it on a schedule?  I am not recommending that you buy the program and thus get real-time protection or that you do not.  I am just pointing out that if you use the free version, this is a question worth discussing.



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Subject: [nvda] Windows Defender Adequate?


For more than two years, I have relied only on Windows Defender plus Malware Bytes. Now I am purchasing a new Dell Inspiron. Any thoughts about whether Windows Defender provides adequate protection.




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