Re: Emoji in Office 365

Christo de Klerk

Hello Quentin

Thank you for responding and for showing an interest to try and assist.

My friend provided the following steps to duplicate the problem:

Begin quote:

    Steps to reproduce

 1. Use Office 365 with latest updates and latest official NVDA release. The
    issue was present with previous Office 365 updates and NVDA versions too though.
 2. Open a blank MS Word document or new message in Outlook.
 3. Use the normal method to insert an emoji using the keyboard.

    Outcome when using NVDA

 1. Instead of producing the chosen emoji, NVDA inserts the digits "12".
 2. There is no way to ascertain if the correct emoji was inserted.
 3. When saving the document or draft, it is saved with the name 12, explained

    Outcome when using JAWS 2019

  * The emoji is correctly reported with no unexpected behaviour.

The bug has previously been reported to Joseph Lee, who blamed the shortcoming
on Microsoft Office. This clearly is not the case, as outlined above.

End quote

Kind regards


On 2019/01/22 01:01 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Christo,

Can you please advise the steps to reproduce this?

Which Office program? Which emoji character? If it's a document you have
been sent, if you are able to forward it to, I can have a
look at the same file, otherwise, if it's one (or several) emojis, please
advise how to select the appropriate one(s).

Kind regards


On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 8:24 PM Christo de Klerk <>

Hello NVDA developers

A friend who is not on this list asked me to report that when using NVDA
with Office 365 emoji are not shown; instead the number 12 appears in
the text. This only happens in Office 365 and not in older versions of
Office. He says that the opposition Shark handles emoji perfectly in
365. Is this a know issue?

Kind regards


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