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Chris Mullins


Based on the cursor being at the beginning of the word to be selected, Notepad does select the word and the full-stop, so only uses space or end-of-line to delimit the text selection.  In Word 2007, it selects only the word, so it looks like Word over-rides the Windows Ctrl+shift+arrow command and uses the punctuation mark as a text delimiter.  The only way I can see you getting the results you have is that you only selected the full-stop character or have somehow de-selected the word, then selected the full-stop..        




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Sent: 23 January 2019 10:15
Subject: [nvda] editing in Word


Hi all,

I generally just use Notepad for writing anything down, pasting it into Word when I need to send it to anybody else. Due to time pressures with my univeristy deadlines, I'm writing a 40-page film script directly into Word.

I keep geting caught out when selecting words if a punctuation symbol folows the word. For example, if I wanted to select, 'end.', in Notepad I'd pres CTRL+SHIFT+left arrow and I'd get the word 'end' and the full stop / period. In Word I just get the full stop / period,not the word 'end' as well.

It's caught me out a few times. If I wanted to change end to finish, for example, in Notepad I'd CTRL+SHIFT+Left Arrow and just type finish. In Word I do that on autopilot and end up with endfinish.

This seems to be happening only in Word. Is there a reason why? Is it a feature of Word or is NVDA behaving differently in Word compared to other programs? I'm guessing it's Word. If it is does anybody know of a setting to select word and punctuation symbol rather than just the symbol?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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