accessing a spreadsheet in "protected view"

Mary Otten

Hi all,

I admit that I am really not very knowledgeable when it comes to working with spreadsheets. So maybe this is just an elementary question.

I got a spreadsheet from the farmer who does my local CSA. It contains products, prices per specified unit of product and the 12 months of the year, including showing, with an X in the boxes for months when said products are not going to be available. And then there is a place to fill in the amounts you want for each month and each product, and it calculates your total for the year.

But when I open this in Excel from Office 2016, it says it is in protected view, and when I arrow around, all I get are numbers for the given cell I'm on, plus the word unlock. And I'm not seeing any actual data from the sender of the sheet, i.e. no names of items, months etc. So I haven't a clue how this thing is actually laid out. This protected view is the way she sends this out, and apparently, it works okay for the sighted folks. So, any advice on how I can do some magic on this would really be appreciated.


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