Re: Open Office/libreOffice

JM Casey

OO will open .dox files, but not save them, I think. You can save in the older style .doc files, which Microsoft Office can work with to this day.


There are definite accessibility quirks with both Libre and Open Office, depending on which screen-reader you use. I thought OO worked slightly better with JAWS whereas Libre seemed to work slightly better with nVDA, and even seem to remember someone in an earlier discussion on this list explaining why that was so.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Open Office/libreOffice


OO, Open Office, is a more accessible program than LO is, but it is also a far worse program with missing basic features, such as working with Docx files. LO is a far better program, but if you need something complex for a huge project, neither works well. LiBreOffice is the best open source alternative but is less accessible than OO.

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