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Richard Wells

Gene: Thanks for your help. You stimulated me to go find the answer and it is actually quite easy. Just open the file menu with alt followed with f. Then press t for options and down-arrow to the save category. Tab through until you find the back stage and deselect it. Tab to okay and that pesky back stage thingy is gone. You guys and gals are great! I love all of you all almost as much as I love NVDA.

On 1/23/2019 5:35 PM, Gene wrote:
I don't use Office and I expect others will explain how to do this.  Until then, I believe that pressing escape will take you out of it but I'm not sure of that.  That is my not necessarily correct recollection of discussions I've seen on a list perhaps a year ago. 
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Gene: Would you tell us how to turn off back stage?

On 1/23/2019 12:09 PM, Gene wrote:
You probably could have saved the file as you do now if you turned back stage view off.  I don't use Word and I'll let those who do discuss that but from discussions I've seen on lists, turning it off removes such annoyances.
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i am running 2007. I peeked at office 365 but I did not like what hoops i had to jump through just to save a file.
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And the question, "Upgrading from what?/What existing version of Office are you using?," comes to mind.

I just recently upgraded from 2010, which is getting rickety but is still supported, to Office 2016.   Office 2016 will still be supported for some years to come, and with the availability of recycled licenses out of the EU one can upgrade to the top version, Pro Plus, for very little money.


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