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Brian K. Lingard

Dear of Gene & List:


What is the presently recommended version of Firefox for Windows 10 screenreader users to run?

Have a 64-bit PC.


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You can use it and it is still good but it is not as good as it used to be before Firefox Quantum came out.  It is not as easy to understand as to the interface and it does not have as many features in the redesigned version for the brave new Firefox.  Will Firefox ever stop requiring its add-on developers to modify them every few years?  I wonder how many add-ons have been abandoned by their developers after having the modify them at least two times in the last number of years.



I am not recommending the method I gave over the add-on and the add-on provides good protections.  However, those interested may compare the two if they wish.



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            If you want to block scripts, Java and several other kinds, in Firefox then use the Add-On NoScript.  It is available from , has been around for a very long time, and is pretty much "install it and forget it.  For myself, full script blocking is overkill, as it disables many functions I actually want to keep.


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