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On Jaws though you will find that things go downhill due to 2019 version catering for new windows bits and pieces, but if like me you are in windows 7, no need at all. I find however that on Outlook Express its lost the ability to read read and unread etc, which nvda still has so I can continue to use the software, though old it be, as Yoda might say!

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Dear Travis & List:

The advantage of Office365 is said to be you are using the latest release of the software, essentially a perpetual update..

JAWS will work indefinitely when purchased & activated.

Nany software publishers like the annual subscription business model, to separate you from your last Farthing!
Brian K. Lingard

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Brian that was not Gene who wrote that. those were Travis' views.
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On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 03:40 PM, Gene wrote:
I'd rather put up with some access issues than pay for a product that must be paid for each and every year, or you lose the ability to use the program, that's just silly, and companies really be shot for introducing such nonsense.
There are so many products that use this service model, and have for many, many years now, that this comment is nonsense.

You can use Office up through 2016 (and I think even 2019) as an installed program if you wish and there will be support for same for some years to come.

You certainly must never have been a JAWS user, either, as their model is very much "as a service" if you wish to have a version of JAWS that's keeping up with "what's happening now."

I strongly prefer installed programs that I am not paying for over time, but there's nothing wrong with selling service in that way. Buying a high-end version of Office outright is a multi-hundred dollar proposition. It will take quite a while to equal what you'd have paid for the installed version via "as a service" delivery model and you keep getting updates as well.

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