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Unfortunately this was causing crashes in Windows of all variations, which was actually a worse situation surely?
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The grammar reporting support is gone entirely from this release. Such
a pity. There are no more bug fixes nor changes otherwise. I got the
update this morning and was shocked. a YYYY.X.x version of NVDA is
scarce these days.

On 6/10/16, Roger Stewart <> wrote:
So what is the real difference with this one? Is the only thing that
the grammar correction is turned off and that only effects Word in
Office? If so, then it won't effect me in any way as I don't have these
programs and just use Word Pad and that does all I need for now. If
there are any other improvements or bug fixes, then I'll gladly get this
new update. I didn't get any notice that there was an update when I
turned it on this morning though.



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