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Tony Ballou


The last time I did anything with uninstalling Norton products was 2006, and it sounds like the procedure unfortunately hasn't changed since then.  It's still there because the registry key is still on your system.  This also hast to be deleted. I don't know how comfortable you feel about going into your system's registry editor and deleting keys.  In  my experiences with helping people, most of them don't. If you know someone who knows how to properly work in there, have them do it; or call the Microsoft disability line for assistance. Hope this helps. 


On 1/21/2019 2:15 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:


I installed adobe digital editions to read epub books. It asked me if I wanted to also install norton security scan. I clicked disagree, no, no thanks, etcetera with jaws/NVDA mouse cursor. But it installed it anyway along with some norton product thing which seems to have gone away. It also installed a chrome extension that i removed. I tried using the norton removal tool with OCR but this stubborn norton security scan just will not go away! So how do I remove it? Should I just reset windows10 wipe out everything and reinstall and re-set everything back up on my RCA cambio tablet laptop? I tried uninstalling from both control panel and the windows 10 settings app but no luck. this stubborn norton security scan still seems to stick around. Would malware bytes remove it perhaps? or is there an accessible revo uninstaller or force program remover tool that will uninstall it? the norton removal utility tool did not help at all.






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