Re: table navigation with NVDA in this webpage

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

Well, it is a Chinese web site, so probably your tts engine may not recognize.

Sylvie Duchateau 於 25/1/2019 15:04 寫道:

I just visited the page.

NVDA reads the table correctly, saying it has 3 rows and 4 columns.

Navigating with the table navigation commands works properly.

But it seems that the cells are partially empty or may be there is a language that my NVDA version does not recognise?

As Gene wrote, if the table has only one row and one column, it is normal that you cannot move with the navigation commands.

May be the table is updated frequently. This would explain why I see several rows and columns.



Le 25/01/2019 à 02:24, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William a écrit :

1. press t to move to the table start
2. press ctrl alt up/down/left cannot move to the next cell of the table

isn't it a problem of nvda or the html code of the site?

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