Re: NVDA and norton and adobe digital editions


you can always use google and search for "chrome offline version latest" or adobe editions offline version latest, or something similar. that's what I do.

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It depends. Often these days software only downloads a stub, so installing
will not work unless you give it internet access. Chrome does this as do
many pieces of software. It seems that the stub looks at your machine and
can then intelligently get the files appropriate to your software and
hardware environment.
In these cases there is no way once install starts to get it to stop
without cancelling the whole install.

I notice for example if I download a stub of a piece of software say on one
machine then run that on another, and that happens to be an xp machine it
will almost immediately either say it won't run or download a specific
version for the XP environment.

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hi. how about disconnecting the internet?
does it work?

On 1/24/19, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
Just to let you know, when installing adobe digital editions, to make
Norton does not get installed, OCR the Norton screen and put your cursor
no thanks, route the mouse, and left click, and then you get adobe
editions and no Norton!


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