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Monte Single

I am using m s outlook 2013
With nvda.
When I am in the message list and am moving through it, I hear the following;

Sender's name, subject, date and size of message.. works fine for me.

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As a matter of interest. I see a growing number of people here saying I did not see the subject line. Being an old fashioned person with an old fashioned email client called Outlook Express I always hear the subject line. Does this mean that more modern clients need to be prompted to show it or does nvda not read it?
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Oh, I didn't see the subject. My bad for doing it again.
Well, probably it's not reporting anything because such information
would be available only in texts writen in Word and programs like this,

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Em 25/01/2019 22:49, Marcio escreveu:
That's the command to get formating information, such as font, text
color and the like, I guess. So no surprises at all.

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Em 25/01/2019 22:19, Robert Doc Wright godfearer escreveu:
when in notepad or word I press NVDA+f on a letter and it responds "
no formatting information". Why?
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