Re: excel is stop when edited comment finish


I use alt+tab changed active window but it still freeze
  so I must close it then open.
  thank for your advice

thank you for much
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I think I experience the same when I edit a formula in a cell. However, I don't have to close Excel, I just press alt+tab to swop to another window and then press alt+tab to come back again into Excel and then NVDA responds.

Perhaps you could try that? Then you would not have to go through all those tedious steps of saving the workbook, closing it and then reopening it again.

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hi groups

I use microsoft office 2016 and NVDA 2018.4.1
excel is always stop when I edited comment finish everytime.
I inserted comment then pressed esc to return excel sheet
but I use arrow key can not move cursor and NVDA has no response anything until I pressed control plus s saved this file and alt plus F4 quit it
then pressed enter key open this file and I see all things
so anyone give me some advice if you know whats happen
am I use edit finished method is error?

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