Re: excel is stop when edited comment finish


  ok thanks for Quentin.
  your method solved my question.
  I thought shift+F2 and context insert comment were the same before, in fact shift+F2 has edit dialog and NVDA accessible.
  if finished to edit comment, press tab to find ok button then enter to return.
  my excel is still works fine.

thank you for much
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Quentin Christensen 於 2019/1/24 上午 05:27 寫道:

Hi there,

It looks like Microsoft have taken what used to be comments, and renamed them to "notes", and added a new feature called "comments".  The difference appears to be that any cell can have one "note", but may have multiple "comments" and you can reply to other users' comments (similar to the way comments can be replied to in Word).

I have just created a couple of issues for this on our tracker:

Issue 9193 covers the naming, but also lists the steps to add each type of note / comment:

Issue 9194 covers the freeze you are experiencing:

Issue 9195 covers NVDA not reporting what are now called comments:

At this stage, I would recommend adding "notes" with SHIFT+F2, not the context menu, and NVDA will report them, but call them comments.  Press NVDA+alt+c to read the comment when NVDA reports "Has comment".



On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 3:58 AM 特種兵 <afreettears@...> wrote:
hi groups

   I use microsoft office 2016 and NVDA 2018.4.1
   excel is always stop when I edited comment finish everytime.
   I inserted comment then pressed esc to return excel sheet
   but I use arrow key can not move cursor and NVDA has no response
anything until I pressed control plus s saved this file and alt plus F4
quit it
   then pressed enter key open this file and I see all things
   so anyone give me some advice if you know whats happen
   am I use edit finished method is error?


thank you for much
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