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Hi all,
Recently there were some queries in regards to whether NV Access was considering to participate in Google Summer of Code 2019. I am happy to say that NV Access has decided to apply to be a Google Summer of Code 2019 organisation and our application is ready for submission.
We will not know if we were successful until February 27, but we will let everyone here know once we find out.
If we are successful, we will be very excited to see what project proposals students come up with for NVDA. I believe that students can start submitting proposals in March.
To aide in planning your proposals, and as required by the Google Summer of Code program, NV Access has created a Google Summer of Code 2019 Ideas page: http://github.com/nvaccess/nvda/wiki/GSOC-2019-Ideas-List
As it says on the page, we will consider proposals on any open issue that is appropriately sized for Google Summer of Code, but the above ideas list are just some that we have hand-picked as we believe they are the right size and will have a good impact on the NVDA project. We may also add to the list before the submission date.
If you are a student planning to submit a proposal through Google Summer of Code this year and you have not yet talked to Reef or I directly, we encourage you to contact us so that we are aware of your interest ahead of time, and we can confirm whether or not we believe we would be able to mentor you in relation to your particular project topics you are proposing.
Based on the size of NV Access it is most likely we will only take one or two students this year.
NV Access will make further official statements in late February if we find out we were successful.
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