Re: NVDA and Excel

Ralf Kefferpuetz


I don’t have those symptoms with Office 365 and I’m a full time excel worker. From my point of view there are 3 other criterias that gives Excel and NVDA a poor experience.

  1. The way cells are spoken: NVDA speaks first the cell content and at the end the cell coordinates. This is very contra-productive when dealing with long cell contents. The cell content should always be spoken at the end.
  2. Dropdown lists are not accessible and spoken
  3. autoFilter cells are not announced as AutoFilter, so we don’t know if the column has a autoFilter dropdown.





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Good day,


I’m using an Acer laptop with the latest version of NVDA and Windows 10 with Office 2016.


NVDA stops talking while I’m working in Excel.  It goes well for a while and suddenly NVDA just stops functioning.  I tried to restart NVDA with no success in an effort to restore speech.  Is there a way to resolve the matter?


Kind regards



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