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Rob I get the same thing you have sometimes. Right now I’m running the latest Insider build. So far this is not happening. What I’d do is link your inboxes. I have Spectrum/Time Warner Cable which is my personal address and my Gmail which I use only for email lists. Its all in one inbox. HTH.


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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019 5:56:09 AM
Subject: [nvda] Windows 10 mail app
Are there plans to work more with this app? it is doing well for the most part. there is a mild problem. When I escape an email instead of showing me the list of emails it moves to the navigation dialog box. also is there a way that i can create a hot key to jump to "all mail" to switch to another account?Right now I have to tab to all mail, choose the next account and sometimes shift tab to see the list.
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