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I thought there was such a command, though I wasn't sure.  There is one in JAWS and it may be that that is why I thought NVDA had one.  We'll see if anyone knows such a command.

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Hi Gene,

I might be missing something but if you select text and then press control + C to copy to clipboard, the keystroke to read the clipboard contents is insert + C or NVDA + C.  I don't see a keystroke that allows the reading of selected text before it is copied to clipboard.

NVDA (insert or caps lock)+ C to read text on the clipboard.

On 1/29/2019 9:55 AM, Gene wrote:
As far as I know, there is a command for reading what you have selected before you copy it to the clipboard.  I don’t know what that is.  If I am right, others should know.
Aside from that, why are you using such an inefficient method as wanting to hear all that material.  Start where you want to select.  Hold shift.  Down arrow.  If you stop after you down arrow, you will hear the line you just selected.  If you are selecting a lot of text, move down a lot of lines and see what the last line is.  If you went to far, keep holding shift and up arrow.  use shift up and down to move and hear what you are unselecting or selecting.
If you don’t wantto have an entire line reproduced at the beginning or end of the selection, then copy and past the material, and remove what is not wanted in the document you have pasted to.
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what do you mean by "the Windows method?"

As mentioned in my question, once you past more than 500 characters (I think that's the threshold) NVDA stops speaking any of the text you're selecting and just tells you how many characters you've selected.

I was trying to select the first 2000 words, approximately, which was the first essay in a book of 12 essays.

Not being able to hear the title meant there was no way to know where I wanted to stop.

That left me two options ... I could find the start of the second chapter by searching for its title, then deleting from there to the end, leaving only the first chapter text, or I could add a marker like zzz, paste the whle document into WOrd, and then use the NVDA+F9 at the first marker and then search for zzz and press NVDA+F10 twice to set the end marker and copy the text.

In hindsight, deleting from the second chapter onwards, copying all and then undoing the deletion would have been the less-faffy way of doing it.

But, to answer your question, that is why I use the NVDA method of selecting text if I have a large amount to copy and paste :)

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