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NVDA works with Office.  It may be more limited than JAWS in terms of available features in Office, but it can do a reasonable amount. 
A lot of what you do with any screen-reader is the same or similar.  You are using Windows or program commands.  In terms of screen review commands and how you change settings such as speech rate, the commands are different.  Many commands, read title bar, announce time, and all the browse commands, b for move to the next button on a web page, x for next check box, h for heading, n for skip blocks of links are the same.  I am not aware of any commands that are different, though there may be this or that command that is when working with browse mode.

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Hello, my name is Kliph.  I have been a windows user up until 2011, when I made the switch to MacOS full time.  I use windows on occation to do a few things, and now I have office 2019 witch i need windows 10 for.  So, does NVDA work with office, or am I wasting my time ?  Also, are the commands and keystrokes real different from jaws?  Thanks.

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