Re: start and End Markers for Selecting Text

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

If you're using notepad, just use the regular windows select text functions, notepad won't have a problem with that.  You can select as much as you like, I do it all the time.

shift-down arrow selects a line at a time, and there's no limit how much you can select.  There's no need to use screen reader functions for this.

On 1/29/2019 8:17 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:
Hi all,

Most of the time when I use NVDA+F9 to set a start marker, and NVDA+F10 twice to copy the text to the clipboard I don't have any problems.

I'm trying to select a block of text (a chapter of a book) in a plain text file which is open in Notepad.

I get the error message, "No start marker set," even though NVDA told me the start marker had been set when I pressed NVDA+F9.

When I coppied the whole book from Notepad into Word and tried selecting the chapter in the same manner, no problem whatsoever.

Does anybody know why a Notepad file would lose the start marker while it does not in Word?

As a related question, is it possible to turn off NVDA announcing how many characters have been selected when more than 500 have using SHIFT+down arrow, becuase it's not then possible to listen to the start of the paragraph to tell whether the next chapter has been reached ... all I hear then is the number of characters that have been selected.




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