Re: spell check ... how do I see the misspelled word?

Quentin Christensen

Office 365 / Office 2019 has some good improvements to spell check in Word, particularly reading the misspelt word in context, and also reading the definitions for suggested words.

In Office 2016, as Cearbhall suggested, the easiest method is to press escape to go back to the document at the error, and read using your regular reading keys.  When done reading and / or editing manually, press F7 to start again at the start of the current sentence.



On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 2:34 AM Cearbhall O'Meadhra <cearbhall.omeadhra@...> wrote:
Hi Ann,

As you say, the spell check in Word shows each spelling correction very
clearly. To see the original word, I just press escape and I find that the
offending misspelling is in focus by NVDA. Pressing F7 brings me back into
the spellchecker again and I can accept or reject the change accordingly.

Is that too messy do you think?

It is strange that in Excel the spell checker does show the offending word
as well as the proposed change. ... Hmmm!

All the best,


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In Office 2016, NVDA reads the options for correcting a misspelling clearly
in spell check, but not the word that is misspelled.  How do I read the word
I am supposed to be correcting????


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