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One thing you have to agree with is that NVDA is ten times the screen reader that JAWS. That automatic forms mode is a pain. It activates whenever there's a forms field.
If Mocrosoft bought NVDA, that would solve their screen reader problem. Let NVDA continue to do their work with the screen reader aspect, and they just touch base with Microsoft to make sure everything works.

On Tuesday, June 14, 2016 3:58 PM, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

I guess also it would solve a lot of access problems as well around the world. I mean as to go up to any computer any where running Windows and use a screen reader. You can not really say narrator is one or if it is very basic. funny thing is that I did not know how many shortcuts etc it actually had until I looked at a list of shortcuts for it.
That is narrator.
If that was to happen they don't want it locked down you still want them to innovate.

Then again there is no reason why a government or governments can not just buy this project and pay there wages and flick off all the stuff that is plugged into the government
I mean as in a lot of countries there are certain projects for the blind and visually impaired that get there funding from the government no names mentioned.

These times are changing and hopefully prices will come down for adaptive technologies or the smart phone will do a lot more for us.

For example the new braille orbit reader that is coming out and will it be supported by NVDA?

Gene nz

 like we have here.

On 15/06/2016 7:07 AM, erik burggraaf wrote:
I hear you and I'm a proud supporter of NVDA.  Here's my thinking though, and I'm sure it won't be popular but here goes.

Microsoft should buy NVDA for a huge sum of money and hire mic and James to head the project.  Narrater should be scrapped and NVDA should be built into windows.  That really rips up the open source model and that's bad; however, It trades narrater for a high end professional product for windows users across the board.  It could also be that in this sinareo, usb drivers for many supported braille displays would become plug and play supported with windows via the built in NVDA.  That would really be huge for some one like John.  Suddenly a person who is deaf-blind could have access to install or upgrade their own copy of windows, handle their own registration, and not have to have a sighted person drop buy to download packages off the internet and fiddle with wizards.

Apple desktop and mobile solutions already have this and android as it as well.  Windows is way behind and acquiring NVDA could be a great way to catch up to the pack as long as the quality of the product continues to be high.


Erik Burggraaf
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On Jun 14, 2016, at 11:11 AM, multi 85 <multi851@...> wrote:

Now there really is a David versus Goliath and thank goodness for
NVDA, because we'd definitely have very little innovation with this
new move if NVDA didn't exist. Must support.

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