Re: a possible focus problem in excel 2016

Adriani Botez


wow why are you doing it this way? It is much too complicated. Try following:
1. Place the Focus on a cell in the column you want to delete
2. Press ctrl+/ (the first key on the left of the right shift key(
3. A Dialog appears where you can choose what you want to delete (column, cell or row)


Am Mi., 30. Jan. 2019 um 10:35 Uhr schrieb Alexandre Alves Toco <alexandretoco@...>:

Hi friends.

I want to delete some columns in na excel spreadsheet. So I am doing the following:

  1. Find the column with the arrow Keys.
  2. Press nvda key + numpad minus to rout navigator to focus.
  3. Press nvda key + numpad divide to rout the mouse to the navigator.
  4. Press numpad slash to click the right mouse button.
  5. Choose delete column.

It is deleting the wrong column.


I also tried only use nvda key + divide to rout the mouse to the focus since I thought that the current cell should have the focus and the navigator would be placed in it automatically.

But it didn’t work too.



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