Re: Thunderbird Distribution list question



            I don't even know how you got to 3 entries before having problems.  I just spent about 15 minutes trying to get to a new item in the edit dialog for a List under Thunderbird and it was not easy.  I finally happened upon the following, see if it works for you.

            After you've entered the latest address to the list, hit the left mouse button or NVDA's equivalent, NumPad Divide [desktop keyboard].  This creates a blank next entry in the list directly beneath the one you've just entered, then you can hit TAB to have focus thrown to that blank entry.

            When you've entered the last address you need to enter, hitting TAB without doing the left mouse click will throw focus to the OK button to save the list.  If you accidentally didn't create the next list entry, this is where you'll be thrown when you hit TAB.  You can SHIFT+TAB to get back to the last entry you made, then hit END to get to the end of that e-mail address you entered, then follow the usual procedure of left clicking (or equivalent) to create the next blank entry, to which you can then TAB.

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