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Hi Helga

If you have a installed copy of NVDA use the CTRL key +ALT key +the letter N key.  This will start your copy of NVDA.
To get into your preferences of NVDA where you can make changes like speeding it up or down etc, use the NVDA key + the letter N
To quit your copy of NVDA use the NVDA key + the letter Q

Where I refer to the NVDA key this is a modifier key which can be either the insert key, the extended insert key or the capslock key. So you would use one of these that you chose say to quit your copy of NVDA For example the insert key + the letter Q

All of my machines here are on Windows 10, and I like it.  When bus are found and reported, you will notice what has been done under the whats new section in NVDA which is under the help section also where the user manual is.

Gene nz

On 10-Mar-16 8:38 AM, Helga Schreiber wrote:
Hi all!This is helga! How are you all? I I actually just realize I install NVDA on my windows computer! Before,but I actually forgot  about it! LOL! Now i want to learn hwo ot use it so I'm going to practice soeme things with it! Now my questions, is therre a shortcut key in ordr to turn on and turn off NVDA guys? You know   JAWS has alt plus control J in ordr to turn it on. And to turnit off insert F4.  So I was thinking  nVDA maybe has the same thing!  So if it does, do you know what it is? If it does not have one, how can I create one in ordr to accomplish that? Just wondring! On my computer i have NVDA and JAWS 14, but I want to explore adn learn with NVDA guys!  And one last question, does NVDA works great with Windows 10 so far guys? Just owndring! Whati  your experience about it? I apologize for all these questions! I look forward in hearing form you soon.  I will really appreciate any help tht you gusy can help me  regarding this matter! Thanks  and God bless!

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